Introducing an extensive online practice repository

Baseworks Method

Baseworks has been practiced by thousands of people over thousands of hours, spanning across 15 years of development. This online practice platform encompasses an in-depth digitized approach to continue with your already established practice or to get started with the method.

Modular Practice

Cycle practice sessions through different modules

Customize your practice via a wide range of structured sessions, utilizing the learning outcomes in each distinct Module to recalibrate the practice experience and progress of another Module.


Theoretical counterpart to the Modular Practice.

Baseworks Meta videos visualize the invisible, and verbalize things that do not have common names in everyday language. They act as a shortcut to becoming aware of many fine and not so immediately obvious details we can discover in our bodies.


Movement tasks to conceptualise what is possible.

Baseworks Forms encompass the application of specific patterns to common movements so to build a higher resolution of what’s possible.

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